June 3-9, 2021. Concilium annual meeting

In this year too, the Concilium annual meeting takes place online, from 3rd to 9th June 2021. Before the meeting we participate remotely in the 11th international conference organized by Fu Jen University in Taipei (Taiwan), when we will reflect on the theologies from Asia and in Asia, from 31st May to 2nd June 2021. The fruit of these reflections finds space, as usual in the first issue of next year.

A particularly important moment for our journey will be the election of the new president, because Father Thierry-Marie Courau ends his three-year term, having been elected in Frankfurt in Germany in 2018. Moreover, in recent years, with a conciliar process, we have prepared for our readers and for the theological community a programmatic document for the next few years: in the meeting we will decide how to publicize it. It is a question of describing the way in which we want to do theology within our association, but at the same time we have the ambition to take it as a reference for the constant renewal of theology. After the death of the last of the magazine’s founders, reflection on our journey is not only a must, but also important to live their legacy.

A novelty in this year’s programming is a moment of conviviality and sharing with the entire advisory committee, a happy hour to exchange a few words and many ideas. Even if designed to be an informal moment, we hope it can help us experience that sense of friendship and continuity that is needed to build a journey together.

We keep you informed!