The new president

The main part of the Concilium annual meeting has ended. A particularly important moment this year was the election of the new president, who will accompany the Board for the next four years.

The new president, Susan Abraham, is professor of postcolonial theology and cultures, and dean of the faculty of the Pacific School of Religion. She brings with her extensive experience and knowledge in academic and administrative education, thanks to her collaboration with St. Bonaventure University, Harvard Divinity School and Loyola Marymount University. Her publications and her courses offer theological insights starting from her ministerial experience in Mumbai (India) and through the theoretical perspectives of postcolonial theory, cultural studies, political theory and feminist theory.

At the same time, the Board would like to thank Thierry-Marie Courau for the service carried out among us, carrying with wisdom and sweetness the weight of the transition period that Concilium is experiencing. Moreover, he will remain in contact with the work of the association both because he is included in the Advisory Committee and because our registered office remains linked to the Dominican priory of Paris where Father Thierry-Marie currently lives.