The planning of each issue of Concilium is very elaborate and long: it begins three years before publication, during the annual meeting, in which the themes to be developed are decided. Subsequently, the individual themes are assigned to various teams that discuss more concretely the goals and contents and gradually bring each issue to life.

For this reason, it is generally Concilium that directly asks the authors to write an article and does not accept other contributions. Inserting texts that were not born in this procedure is very difficult.

However, if you would like to propose a text of your own, you can send it to the managing secretariat (, which will forward it to the board for general evaluation. In this regard, please pay attention to the style sheet of Concilium; currently the text must be in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Italian. It should not exceed 3,000 words/20,000 characters including spaces.

It is recommended, however, to rather take advantage of the space that opens up for collaboration with others in online conversations. In this case, there is more flexibility and, indeed, Concilium intends to encourage this type of participation.