Jojo M. Fung – « An Emerging Theology of Human Security »

Jojo M. Fung – « An Emerging Theology of Human Security: the Philippine Context »


The Philippines has witnessed the tightest of security during the Thirty-First ASEAN Summit held in Manila.[1] The security enjoyed during the summit masked the simmering human insecurity occasioned by the extrajudicial killing (EJK) that has thus far claimed a total of 12,000 killed within a year since President Duterte launched the war on drugs in July 2016. The description in section one of the human insecurity as tangible threats to the residents’ fundamental freedoms to the essence of life offers a felt-sense of the intensifying insecurity of the residents in Manila. The second section offers a critique of the human insecurity in the light of the teachings of the Church of the Philippines and some ensuing outcomes. The last section offers an emerging theology of human security to supplement a political understanding of the same discourse. 

[1] The ASEAN SUMMIT, entitled Partnering for Change Engaging the World, was hosted by the Philippines, was attended by President Donald Trump.

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