The Founders’ issue (edited)

On the occasion of H. Küng’s death, the Board of Concilium wondered about the legacy received from him and all the founders.

From this first reflection, the idea was born to collect in a single volume some articles by Y. Congar (introduced by an essay by R. Gaillardetz), by K. Rahner (introduced by an essay by J.M. Ashley), by E. Schillebeeckx (introduced by S. van Erp), by J.B. Metz (introduced by D. Mieth) and by H. Küng (introduced by W. Jeanrond).
The work, coordinated by C. Cornille, is now available – as a free download – from our website and from the websites of the publishers who joined the initiative.

For now in English and Italian, soon also in Spanish [ed. 06-04-22].

To download the English edition:

Founders’ issue (English)

To download the Italian edition:

L’eredità dei fondatori (Italian)
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